※Telephone services are only available in Japanese.


※Telephone services are
 only available in Japanese.


Spa Course/Spa Resort Course Common Area

Game corner

2FGame Corner

Relax Space

2FRelax Space

Spa Resort Course Area

3FComic Space

Approximately 20,000 comics and magazines are available in the Comic Space. There is a wide variety of genre to entertain people of all ages. New publications are, of course, also available.

3FRecliner Seats

We also have recliner seats where you can watch TV. Please use it for relaxing time after taking a bath.

3FPrivate Space

3FRelax Space

3FOcean Lounge


Spa Resort Course Area


3FTerrace (Footbath)

There is also a footbath on the terrace. Please relax while enjoying the scenery outside.

Honeycomb lounge

3FHoneycomb lounge

A resting space inspired by a beehive.You can relax and read comics and magazines.

Kids & Reclining

4FKids & Reclining

It is a space where you can relax with your family.

Karaoke room

4FKaraoke room (charged)

You can enjoy karaoke in the hall. 5 rooms in total. Have a good time with your family and friends.

Training T-FIT

2FTraining T-FIT

Three treadmills and six fitness bikes are available. In addition, one side of the wall is mirrored and there is free space, so you can practice dancing and yoga on your own. For those who are worried about lack of exercise or who want to lose weight beautifully.