※Telephone services are only available in Japanese.


※Telephone services are
 only available in Japanese.

2FOutdoor and Indoor Baths

Rock Bath

The spacious rock bath welcomes you as you step outside. Relax in the luxurious outdoor bath surrounded by green greens and covered by the wooden awning. Shallow baths are also available for the safety of small children.

Highly Concentrated Carbonic Bath

The highly carbonic water flows out of the seven meter tall, ten ton tank, which is one of Japan's largest tanks. White bubbles cover your body and smoothens your skin. The subtle stimulation of the skin improves circulation and warms the body.

Beauty Bubble bath

Delicate bubbles from the pumice stone engulfs the body and produces a comfortable sensation of floating in the water. Negative ions emitted when the bubbles pop gently balance the skin.

Jet Bath

The three unique Esthe, Super Jet, and Magnum jets massage the body at the perfect strength.

Fragrant Bath

Enjoy the relaxing beauty bath and seasonal baths that change weekly.

Ceramic Beautifying Bubble Bath

Ceramic Bath

Laying Bath

Carbonic Electric Bath

2FSauna and Water Bath


Choose from a conventional high-temperature sauna, a salt sauna that beautifies skin, or a yomogi-steamed herb sauna that heals respiratory organs. Use the room temperature water bath or cold bath to improve the effects of the sauna.


High-Temperature Sauna

It is a stadium-style sauna with 7 steps, and the temperature rises as you go up and goes down as you go down. There is a temperature difference of about 10 degrees in one step, so please enjoy the seat at your favorite height. (Far red gas type) (with TV) (wet only on the female side)


Salt Sauna

Pick up the salt in the center of the room, gently place it on your skin, and wait until the salt melts with your sweat. The cleansing function of salt makes the skin smooth and smooth. Moist humidity and heat promote sweating.


Herb Sauna

Since steam helps sweating, it promotes blood circulation by the warm bath effect, and it is excellently compatible with herbs and promotes purification of the body with a large amount of sweat. Herbal vapors also care for the respiratory system.


Cold Bath


Water Bath

There is a cold water bath with a low temperature that further enhances the effect of the sauna, and a cold water bath near normal temperature where even those who are not good at cold cold water can enjoy hot and cold alternating baths. Please use it according to your physical condition and taste.

1FFamily Bath

There are three private family baths. Each one is complete with an indoor bath, outdoor bath, television, and air conditioning to create a comfortable and relaxing experience.


Relax in a calming, green atmosphere.


An elegant white room for a long, relaxing bath time.


A cozy, cute atmosphere with a heart-shaped bathtub.

Family Bath Prices
60 minutes
Extension 30 minutes
Members Price
Weekdays Weekend and Holidays
4,490 JPY 4,690 JPY
2,250 JPY 2,350 JPY
Family Bath Prices
60 minutes
Extension 30 minutes
Non-Members Price
Weekdays Weekend and Holidays
4,690 JPY 4,890 JPY
2,350 JPY 2,450 JPY

*Operating Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. (Last Entrance: 1:00 A.M.)

*Limited to 4 people per room.

*Reservations can be made by phone or directly at the local reception desk only on the day. The acceptance of reservations starts at 6:00 AM.

*Separate fee for rental towels