※Telephone services are only available in Japanese.


※Telephone services are
 only available in Japanese.


I would like to know more about the system.
Please choose between using the baths only (1F and 2F can be used) or using the baths and the Stone spa (1F to 4F can be used).
Is there a parking area?
We have a free parking area that can fit up to 340 cars.
We do not have parking areas for large-sized vehicles.
If you are arriving with a large vehicle, please park in the normal parking area by using two parking spots (horizontally). 
Is there a shuttle bus?
There are shuttle buses that goes around "Teriha Spa Resort, Tenjin Station, Hakata Station, Kashii Station".
Please check the "Access" page on our website for timetables, bus stop locations and precautions.
Is it possible to stay overnight?
Yes. However depending on the day of the week or the season there might be situations where there are no rooms available.
How to stay over:
1.Capsule room
2.Private cabin
3.Guest room
Can I pay with my credit card ?
Yes you can (however, depending on the card company, there might be some that do not apply). Please note that coupon tickets can only be bought in cash.
I would like to be a member of the Teriha resort. How can I become a member?
Please fill in the application form at the front desk and pay the initial membership fee of 500 yen.
With one membership card, you and your partner (or the person you brought with you to the front desk) can use the facility at membership price.
Can I just use the dining service or massage without using the baths?
Yes, please tell the front desk that is what you would like to do and they will arrange this for you.
A note that it is not permitted to just use the skin-scrub or sun tanning machine in the men's dressing room on its own and if would like to use any of these, you must pay the fee to use the baths.
To use the annex, you must pay the fee to use the baths and the Stone spa.
Is it possible to leave the facility for a moment and come back in again?
We are sorry to inform you that people using the baths and the facility cannot do this.
However, people using the private cabins are permitted to leave and come back. Please let us know at the front desk.
I have lost the membership card. Can I still use the facility with the membership discount price?
We are sorry to inform you that members who have lost their cards or forgotten to bring them will have to pay the standard price.
If you would like to re-register for a new membership card, you can by paying the initial membership fee of 500 yen.

In regards to using the baths

I would like to use the facility after work. Is it ok to simply go without any cosmetics, towels etc?
We have shampoos, conditioners, body soaps available to use in the baths and people who do not have towels can buy a face towel (220 yen) or rent towels (face towel and bath towel set costs 400 yen).
Can people with wheelchairs or hand carts also use the facility?
They will be able to use the facility up until the dressing rooms but they will need to have some one to accompany them in the baths. Also to use the 3rd and 4th floors, please ask one of our staff.
Are primary school children allowed to use the baths on their own?
We are sorry to inform you that primary school children must have their parents with them and cannot enter the facility or the baths on their own.
Can primary school children enter the baths of the other gender with their parents?
Our facility do not permit children over the age of 12 or the height of 110 cm to enter a bath of a different gender to their own.
Is it possible to re-enter the baths after already having bathed once?
Yes, as long as you do not leave the facility.
Can I wear a swimsuit in the baths?
No wearing swimsuits are not permitted.
Can I bring food with me ?
No, we do not allow food or drinks to be brought into the facility.
Please use the vending machines or restaurants within the facility.
Can anyone use the baths?

We do not allow people with the following to enter the baths.

  • - People with tattoos or sticker tattoos, art
  • - People who are drunk
  • - People who are members of gangs
  • - People who are in the middle of menstruation or have skin disease
  • - People who act in a way that is a nuisance to other customers

We regret to inform you that we do not accept these kind of people to use our facility.

I visited with children. Is it possible for adults only to take the Stone spa?
No, if you come with your children, parents should also use the bath only.
(Thank you for understanding the safety and security of your child.)

Stone spa

How can I use the Stone spa ?
Please ask the staff at the front desk when you enter the facility.
Do we need to book the Stone spa ?
No but in cases where it is full, we might restrict the number of people entering.
A situation like this would be when the 3F and 4F (Stone spa, reclining chairs and comic corners etc ) are full.
However, baths, dining and massage services will be available.
Can men and women enter the Stone spa together?
Yes. Please note that there is a Stone spa for women only too.
Do you offer a Rouriu Service ?
Yes we do.
We have it every Saturday at 14:00.
Is it ok to take comics, books and smartphones in to the Stone spa ?
We regret to inform you that taking books, smartphones, food, drinks or any type of filming equipment into the Stone spas is forbidden.
Can children use the Stone spa too ?
Yes children over the age of 3 can use them.
We regret to inform you that children under the age of 3 cannot use the Stone Spa and neither can they nter the 3rd and 4th floors of the main building and the annex.

Overnight stay

I would like to know how to book.
Please go to our website and make a reservation through the internet by clicking "click here for hotel reservations".
Or call at 092-683-1010.
Can children stay too ?
1.The capsule room and private cabin are reserved for adults (junior high school students and above), and children (elementary school students and younger) are not allowed to stay. In addition, those under the age of 18 can only stay with their parents.
2.Children can stay in the guest rooms with their parents.
Is it possible to stay more than 1 night.
The guest rooms can be stayed consecutively.
If you wish to stay in the capsule room / private cabin for consecutive nights, please make a reservation for each night.
*You may not be able to stay in the same room.
Are there rooms where more than 1 person can stay?
The guest rooms can stay multiple people.
Is it possible to leave my luggage at reception after checking in?
Please use the lockers on the 1F ( 100 yen will be returned after use).
In addition, we cannot keep your luggage for you after checking out nor can you use the lockers.
Is there a waiting list?
We do not use waiting lists.
When is the check in time ?
Check in time is until 25:00. If you have plans of checking in after 25:00, please call us.
Can I smoke in the rooms?
All rooms are non-smoking.
Please use the smoking areas on the 2F & 3F.
Can the doors be locked?
Our facility is a common lodging house and the rooms are not made to be locked. The entrances are separated by accordion curtains and these can be locked from the inside.
Can we change towels and in-house wear ?
We change the face towels, bath towels, bedrock clothes, hotel clothes, and bedrock towels are free for guests only.

Family bath.

Can we reserve family baths?
Yes, reservations can only be made on the day by phone. The baths are available from 6am.
Would there be an additional fee to use the family bath only?
You can use the family bath on its own by paying the family bath fee. Additional fees will incur for the grand bathroom and the Stone spa on the 2nd floor.
What is the maximum number of people in one room for the price on the table? Is it ok to bring children?
The price on the table is for up to 4 people in one room (adults over the age of 13) . There will be an extra charge of 800 yen/person for more than 5 people.
There are no restrictions on the number of children (under the age of 12).
Are towels included in the price?
No, towels are not included in the price so please buy the towels sold or use the rental towel service (subject to fees).
Can we use two rooms at the same time?
No, we are sorry to inform you that two rooms cannot be used at the same time.
In our facility, cleaning and maintenance of each family bath in each room is carried out at a fixed time so we appreciate your cooperation.